Seed Coating Machines

Fully Automatic Weighmetric Seed Coating Machines


  • High performence with digital scale
  • Touch Screen Controls
  • Suitable for High volume field crops

  • Models Available:
    RAS – 12T60-WM (Cap : 1 2 TPH)
    RAS – 6060-WM (Cap : 6 TPH)
    RAS – 3560-WM (Cap : 4 TPH)

    Features & Benefits
    1. Suitable for on line treatment
    2. Touch screen MMI display process flow chart
    3. Rugged dosing pump for accurate and consistent dosing
    4. High torque geared motor with variable speed controller
    5. Independent drive for spinning disc for high speed rotation
    6. Pressure dosing for fine mist formation of the chemical for uniform coating
    7. Load cell based hopper delivers accurate batch size with fine & course filling
    8. Fast changeover of the batch size with instant access to settings thru touch screen